Franklin Connellan Director of Business Development in Acquisition International

Centaur Asset Management is the multi-award winning international asset management and investment advisory division of Centaur. The business of Centaur is to provide international asset anagement and investment advisory services, and investment structuring for individuals, advisors, fund sub-advisory clients, institutions and other divisions, portfolio companies or subsidiaries of the wider Centaur Group. In an interview with the firm’s Director of Business Development – Franklin Connellan, he reveals the main priorities and challenges for Centaur Asset Management Ltd.

Who are your clients?

Institutions, Family Offices, Private Banks, HNWI & Sophisticated Investors.

What makes you unique?

Part of our strength lies in our diversity, scale, and the calibre of our people. Centaur has the ability to source transactions/investments, conduct all of the due diligence and investment analysis in house, structure transactions/investments pre- dominantly in house and invest a mix of proprietary capital and third party capital into such transactions/investments as a mixture of debt and equity.

What are the biggest challenge facing you at present?

We are experiencing a high demand from financial advisors, wealth managers and other distributors worldwide for our investment products, in particular for our monthly paying high yield fixed income securities. Managing these channels is proving to be quite a challenge, considering we have partners in just about every major jurisdiction.

What are the main priorities for your business?

We aim to grow our assets under management on the wealth management side to US$3 billion by 2017 and mining and natural resources’ assets under management to US$2 billion by early 2018.

The main priorities are to continue to seek out unique opportunities in the market, add value and deliver high returns (whilst honouring and upholding the Centaur Group ‘Mission’) to serve all our stakeholders, investors and employees through transparency, integrity and excellence and to operate with prudence, financial discipline, and committed performance. The team is driven by intensity, vision, innovation, integrity, intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of investment and ethical values.

What is your company’s biggest challenge?

Talent acquisition is proving to be one of our biggest challenges right now. With an ever increasing number of portfolio companies and subsidiaries, finding talented people who embrace the ethos of Centaur can indeed be challenging. We credit the success of Centaur to its employees, but for us to continue to sustain our rapid expansion, we need to continue to attract the best in the industry.

What business and business person do you most admire and why?

It is difficult to single out one person or business because there is so much to learn from so many.

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