Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers and Institutions

Centaur Asset Management are actively seeking to find and work with new worldwide distributors, introducers and agents to market and sell CAM Products.
Currently have a selection of listed Fixed Income products which are unique to the market and offer the following:

Centaur Natural Resources Bond III:


  • 1 year term – 6% Annual Coupon $USD – (paid monthly)
  • 2 year term – 7% Annual Coupon $USD – (paid monthly)
  • 3 year term – 8% Annual Coupon $USD or 7% Annual Coupon £GBP – (paid monthly)
  • 4 year term – 9% Annual Coupon $USD – (paid monthly)
  • 5 year term – 10% Annual Coupon $USD or 9% Annual Coupon £GBP – (paid monthly)

  • Commissions paid weekly.Approved for SIPP, SASS, QROPs, Personal Portfolio Bonds, Investment Platforms
  • Full training and support provided for all agents, as well as all marketing materials and websites in various languages.
  • Exit routes available including selling on the secondary market.
  • Fully managed and hassle free.

I am looking to make contact with any persons or companies who have clients interested in sound, secure and robust investment opportunities. Investment returns are fixed, and clients have great peace of mind from funding a real, tangible asset with up to 7 layers of security against all projects funded.

We are eager to talk with anyone with the experience, drive and determination to distribute our products and investments directly to their existing networks of clients, contacts and partners alike.

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