Centaur Asset Management launches Centaur Natural Resources Bond Tracker Fund

Centaur Asset Management, the international asset management and investment advisory division of Centaur Holdings, has launched the Centaur Natural Resources Bond Tracker Fund. The new Fund is an open-ended mutual fund, domiciled in Bermuda, and is targeted at income seeking investors through a non-equity correlated debt securities investment structure.

The Fund allows investors to gain exposure to the Centaur Natural Resources Bonds which are issued by Centaur Group Finance Ltd. The underlying debt securities are listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange, which assist in financing Centaur Group’s mining related projects. The Bonds provide capital principally for coal mining projects in South Africa – one of the top five coal exporting countries in the world.

The Fund will offer investors the comfort of a monthly dividend. It will also ensure investors avoid wider market volatility, and have the flexibility to choose a term to suit their individual needs. It will not look to achieve capital growth, as it aims to receive a coupon payment on its underlying investments of bonds, which will be used to pay a dividend to the relevant investor/ shareholder in the Fund.

Franklin Connellan, Director of Business Development of Centaur Asset Management’s Dubai Headquarters, said, “This is a landmark new fund, which will play a key role in our wider business. We’ve developed a genuinely strong product, which allows investors to access the natural resources market, without the risk of any equity exposure. We anticipate this will prove to be popular amongst our target investor base, and look forward to the Fund’s development in the coming months and years.”
Investment in the Fund is available to anyone over the age of 18, who wishes to purchase shares with a value of $20,000 or GBP 20,000 or above, subject to completing the relevant Subscription Agreement. A three year term currently targets seven per cent dividend per annum, which increases to 10 per cent per annum under a five year term.
Trident Trust will serve as the Fund Administrator to the Fund. Centaur Asset Management serves as the Investment Manager to the Centaur Natural Resources Bond Tracker Fund and is responsible for the investment strategy and how the Fund purchases the underlying bonds issued by Centaur Group Finance Ltd.

Source: International Adviser